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Restaurant Equipment Essentials: 4 Things You Need in Your Kitchen

Do you want to have the most efficient-running kitchen in Toronto?

Every great kitchen boils down to having great chefs and top-tier equipment. Some kitchens will be different in terms of their needs. Yet, you’ll likely have a more challenging time keeping up with demand and serving customers without a few essential kitchen pieces.

Below, we’ll get into the top 4 most essential pieces of restaurant equipment. After reading this article, look around your kitchen and see if you have these items. Keep reading to learn more about how to get the best restaurant equipment Toronto offers!

1. Ovens

If you’re opening a restaurant in Toronto, you’re likely going to need several different types of ovens. This is because different ovens operate in various manners. So, the end result of cooking food in one oven might not be the same as cooking it in another.

One of the most common types of ovens in restaurants is the commercial convection oven. These ovens distribute an even layer of heat over the food. As a result, the risk of having your food come out unevenly heated diminishes.

Conveyor ovens allow for quick heating, making them perfect for busy restaurants. 

2. Mixers

Running a restaurant requires your kitchen staff to mass-produce their dishes. So, you’ll waste time if you don’t rely on mixers to get the job done. 

In fact, you’ll need several different types of mixers. Hand mixers are usually smaller and require your employees to hold them while they run. Stand and floor mixers can handle larger portions of food and operate independently. 

3. Dishwashers

Your restaurant equipment should include a commercial dishwasher to ensure you can stay on top of your dishes. Otherwise, your service will get delayed. 

It would help if you got dishwashers that can handle both plates and glasses when possible. You can purchase these types of dishwashers separately. However, some enable you to clean glasses and dishes in the same machine.

4. Commercial Ranges

Your stovetop ranges need to be big enough to handle several different dishes at once. 

Before purchasing ranges, take a look at your kitchen’s setup. You don’t want to purchase a gas range if your building doesn’t have gas available. 

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, consider getting a countertop range. These are more compact than the other options and can get situated on the tops of your counters. They’re also perfect for restaurants with booths at different events because they’re portable.

Want to Get the Best Restaurant Equipment?

If you’re looking for the best restaurant equipment in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Canada Food Equipment, we keep kitchens running smoothly by providing a wide range of essential restaurant equipment. These include food prep equipment, refrigeration units, and dishwashers. You can also get sinks, faucets, tables, and storage from our collection!

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