five essential restaurant smallwares

5 Essential Restaurant Smallwares That Fly Under The Radar

When you think about running a restaurant, the first things that come to mind might be delicious food, exceptional service, and a welcoming ambiance. While all of these elements are vital, a group of unsung heroes often go unnoticed, restaurant smallwares. These seemingly minor tools and equipment play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of your commercial kitchen. From enhancing the presentation of your culinary creations to ensuring efficient food preparation and storage, smallwares are the backbone of a successful culinary establishment.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on 5 essential restaurant smallwares that are frequently overlooked but are absolutely essential in every kitchen. If your commercial kitchen lacks any of these items, don’t fret! At Canada Food Equipment, we offer a convenient ‘cash & carry service,’ or you can easily order smaller items online!


Dinnerware is not merely a functional element of your restaurant; it is a work of art that frames the entire culinary experience for your guests. The right dinnerware enhances the visual appeal of your dishes and beverages, adding a touch of elegance to the overall dining experience. It is essential to carefully select dinnerware that complements your restaurant’s theme and enhances the aesthetics of your culinary creations. Your dinnerware is an extension of your brand identity, and investing in quality dinnerware pieces can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

In the bustling environment of a restaurant, accidents are bound to happen. Servers may accidentally drop plates, or customers might unintentionally chip a glass. To ensure smooth operations during busy hours, it’s crucial to have an ample supply of dinnerware. A practical rule of thumb is to have 2-3 sets of dinnerware for every seat in your establishment. This way, you’re well-prepared to replace any broken items swiftly, guaranteeing a seamless dining experience for your customers.

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Food Storage

Food storage is a fundamental aspect of every commercial kitchen. Properly storing ingredients ensures efficient food preparation and plays a critical role in maintaining food safety and adhering to health regulations in Canada. In this context, investing in quality food storage containers and organizing systems is a must. Proper labelling and rotation of perishable items are essential to prevent contamination and foodborne illnesses, protecting both your customers and your reputation.

While the focus is often on the front-of-house operations, bus bins are the unsung heroes that keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. These unassuming containers allow bussers to clear multiple dinnerware items simultaneously, streamlining the table turnover process. Faster table turnovers mean more efficient service, leading to increased customer satisfaction and, ultimately, higher revenue for your restaurant.

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The Reserved Sign

Reserved signs may seem like a small detail, but they play a crucial role in the smooth flow of your restaurant, particularly during busy periods. By using reserved signs strategically, you can plan table layouts efficiently and organize the front-of-house area better. This not only reduces wait times for your customers but also leads to happier guests and more satisfied staff. Prioritizing reserved tables means guaranteed business, as you already know those customers are coming.

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Menu Covers

Have you ever been handed a sticky menu at a restaurant? It’s not a pleasant experience. That’s where clear menu covers come to the rescue! These often overlooked restaurant smallwares not only protect your menus but also ensure easy cleaning, maintaining a hygienic and professional appearance. Your menus are a reflection of your brand, and by keeping them clean and pristine, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence in every aspect of your restaurant.

Remember, the cleanliness and presentation of the front-of-house area are a direct representation of what’s happening behind the scenes in your kitchen. Keeping the front-of-house spotless demonstrates the same level of care and attention to detail that goes into preparing the delicious dishes in your commercial kitchen.

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High Chairs

If you’re a family-style restaurant, you likely already have an abundance of high chairs. However, all restaurants should ensure they have enough high chairs to accommodate young families. By being family-friendly, you open the doors to a broader customer base. Families who bring their children to dine with them appreciate the convenience of high chairs. Meeting their needs creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere, making them more likely to return as loyal customers. These lifetime customers can become a valuable asset to your restaurant, providing consistent business even during the coldest Canadian winters.

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Smallwares have the ability to make a significant difference in the success of your restaurant. Whether it’s elevating the dining experience with stunning dinnerware, ensuring food safety with proper storage, or enhancing customer satisfaction through thoughtful details like reserved signs and clean menus, these essential items are the backbone of your culinary establishment.

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