Vollrath CT- 2 Conveyer Toaster 120V

$995.00 CAD

  • Designed for bread slices and bun halves
  • Variable-speed control helps you achieve desired results
  • Forced convection ensures even toasting
  • Quartz heating elements respond quickly and save energy
  • Durable stainless and aluminized steel is built to last
  • Maintenance-free drive system simplifies operation and servicing
  • 10½-inch-wide conveyor fits up to 350 items per hour
  • 1½-inch product opening easily fits products
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This Vollrath® JT1 bread conveyor toaster is consistent, reliable and energy-efficient. Powerful quartz heating elements respond quickly, while forced convection ensures consistent toasting. The variable-speed control helps you achieve desired results. Standby mode reduces energy use up to 75 percent during slow periods and quickly returns the unit to full power when needed. The standard 1½-inch product opening is great for bread slices or bun halves, and the 10½-inch-wide conveyor can fit up to 350 items per hour. The durable stainless and aluminized steel exterior is built to last, and heavy-duty legs allow leveling adjustments to provide maximum stability on any countertop.


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