Omcan Wire Mesh Shelving 24″ x 24″ 20114 Chrome 2 Pack-S2424C

$96.00 CAD

  • Chrome Plated finish
  • Ideal for Dry Storage
  • Can be used with;
  • Posts or wall brackets
  • Sold in packages of 2 shelves
  • Posts sold separately
  • AVOID use in Cooler or Freezer (use epoxy instead).

Heavy duty Chrome wire shelving is the most practical way to hold dry storage. Ideal for restaurants looking to maximize space in their kitchen.

Unlike solid shelving, metro shelving requires minimal cleaning as the dust has nowhere to build up making this the perfect choice for holding cans, plates, dishwasher racks and more!

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24" x 24"



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Wire Shelving

Product SKU 20114


  • Heavy duty design
  • Dust proof
  • Easily assembled
  • Ideal for Dry Storage

The perfect choice for keeping stock within reach. Turn unused space into a neatly organized storage center adaptable to your specific needs. The open wire construction maximizes light and circulation of air to keep stored items dry and ventilated.

Our shelves are constructed sturdily and welded to endure tough everyday handling. Capacity: under 48” in length, up to 850 lbs. per shelf; over 48” in length, up to 600 lbs. per shelf.


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