Dynamic Dynacube Vegetable Cutter 1/8″- CL005



  • Manual Vegetable Cuber
  • 1/8″ (7mm) Dicing Plate
  • 15.75″ Diameter
  • 13″ Height
  • Surgical stainless steel cutting blades

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Dynamic DynaCube 1/8″ (7mm) Vegetable Dicer – CL005

The DYNAMIC DYNACUBE. The perfect manual kitchen tool. Simple and practical to use for rapidly and efficiently dicing vegetables. It’s safe patented grid system made with surgical stainless steel blades ensures a clean consistent cut of vegetables, fruit and cooked meats. Great for soft vegetables.

The number one dicer in the world, the Dynacube, is the perfect manual vegetable cutter tool for quality and precise cutting. It is simple and practical to use for dicing vegetables rapidly and efficiently. A safe patented grid system made with surgical stainless steel blades ensures a clean and consistent cut of vegetables, fruits and cooked meats. The Dynacube is also great for soft vegetables and maintains a high standard of hygiene as food is never in contact with the user’s hands.

The Dynacube is a versatile vegetable dicer which allows the user to choose from different grid sets for a variety of food cutting needs such as vegetable cubes. It has two fastening systems, anchor pads and suction pads, for adapting perfectly to the work surface and can be easily transported and stored away thanks to its foldable legs.

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