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Default In Payment

  1. In the event that the purchaser shall make a default in any payments due hereunder then the entire purchase price shall forthwith become due and payable.
  2. Canada Food Equipment Ltd. or its assigns shall have the right to repossess and resell the equipment package. Canada Food Equipment has the right to retain all payments made on the equipment as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.
  3. Terms And Conditions Of Sale

  4. The products purchased shall remain the property of Canada Food Equipment Ltd. (the seller) and title shall not pass to the buyer or anyone else until paid in full.
  5. All deposits are non-refundable.
  6. Canada Food Equipment reserves the right to sell all equipment that has been on hold for more than 120 days and the deposit will not be refunded.
  7. New Equipment Warranty

  8. All new equipment purchased is subject to the manufacturer’s warranty only.
  9. Used Equipment Warranty

  10. This warranty is not valid unless its duration has been printed and signed on the reverse side of this form by a Canada Food Equipment sales rep. All used equipment shall be under warranty for parts and labour from the date of purchase. Canada Food Equipment will at its option either replace or repair the defective products without charge, or refund the money paid out for the defective products.
  11. The equipment is warranted to the original purchaser only, for the cost of labour and replacement parts.
  12. Customer must bring in all small equipment for warranty service.
  13. To obtain warranty service, the purchaser must present the original bill of sale.
  14. Components repaired or replaced are warranted through the remainder of the original warranty period only. Lights and timers are not warranted after delivery.
  15. The warranty does not cover the expense involved in making the equipment readily accessible for service.
  16. All warranty service must be performed by Canada Food Equipment only. This warranty will cover a 60 km radius from Canada Food Equipment at 45 Vansco Rd, Etobicoke, Ontario. Anything outside a 60 km radius will be covered for the cost of parts only and Canada Food Equipment must approve any replacement parts before commencing with any service work to be done by someone else. The purchaser has the right to inspect and test all equipment purchased before shipping.
  17. This warranty is valid only if the products sold to the buyer have been properly installed by qualified licensed technicians and connected properly to all services, such as gas and electricity, in accordance with municipal, provincial and federal regulations.
  18. Damages resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect or from any other than normal ordinary use of the products cancel all obligations of this warranty.


    (For all Air Cooled Systems)

    As these systems are air cooled it is the owner’s responsibility to provide adequate ventilation at the condensing unit locations for proper operation, with maximum ambient temperature of 32.2°C/90°F and minimum of 10°C/50°F.

    Limitation Of Implied Warranties And Exclusions Of Certain Damages

    Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Canada Food Equipment shall not be liable for any claims for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of performance of the products or indirect damages with respect to loss of property, revenues, or profit or of any damage or loss resulting from delay in providing warranty service, or any loss of any perishable goods, or consequential damage or loss as a result of the failure of the equipment sold to the buyer.

    Note: It is the responsibility of the equipment owner or operator to secure appropriate protective insurance.