Royal Wood Flour Sieve 18” Dia 2” Deep – ROYWS18

$79.95 CAD

This Wooden Fine Mesh Flour Sieve works by separating flour and taking out any unwanted impurities from flour. It can also be used to separate solids from liquids (i.e separating herbs from soup or broth).

  • Elegant Wooden Design
  • Reinforced Fine Mesh Screen
  • Easy to Clean

Recommended Uses: Separating flour, Separating solids from liquids

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Round Flour Sieve

Product SKU ROYWS18


A Flour Sieve is a  baking tool designed to separate larger particles to smaller ones, or to separate solid objects from a liquid.

  • Fun Fact; Sieves were often used during the gold rush to find small particles of gold in a clump of earth.


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