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Refurbished Kitchen Equipment in Toronto

As your partner in the food industry for over 20 years, Canada Food Equipment Ltd. in Toronto enjoys saving you money. We are pleased to supply high-quality refurbished items that come guaranteed with a 90-day parts and labour warranty. Our expert service team is capable of rebuilding and modifying a variety of commercial kitchen equipment to meet your exact needs. Canada Food Equipment stands behind all or our products and takes pride in finding solutions for clients of all sizes.

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Bizerba 12" Automatic Slicer

Bizerba 12" Automatic Slicer



Shingle, stack, circular patterns | Shingling in 3 rows, traditional or transverse, multi-layer | Stacking up to 4 stacks with one product, 2.5“ max. height | Circular presentations in 3 diameters | Adjustable speed and stroke | Built in diagnostic program



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