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Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment in Toronto

Canada Food Equipment Ltd. offers professional cooking equipment in Toronto such as ovens, smokers, burners, stoves, warmers, charbroilers and more. Equip your kitchen with reliable and quality commercial cooking equipment from top brands. Whether you own a restaurant, a food truck, or a concession stand, we have the right equipment for your cooking needs. We also offer used cooking equipment with a warranty. Contact our professionals to learn more!

Vollrath Steamtable

Vollrath Steamtable


Vollrath offers the first truly innovative design in value-priced mobile serving equipment. The heart of this revolutionary line is the Hot Food Table, available in 3, 4, and 5 well configurations.


Thermoset Fiber-Reinforced Resin Wells - self-insulating and maximum energy efficiency. Will not rust or pit. Clean easily by wiping off water deposits from the non-metallic surface. | Thermostatic Heat Controls - automatically adjust for water temperature and food volume changes to reduce food waste. | Capillary Tube Thermostats - control supplies power only when needed for maximum power efficiency. | Low-water Indicator Light - eliminates guesswork. | Dome Heating Elements - use up to 25% less energy and concentrate energy into the wells. Non-stick surface prevents scale build-up for easy cleaning and longer operating life. | Wells - Wide no-drip lips on wells keep top surface dry. Equipped with individual brass drain valves.
  • Width
    3 Well 46.5"���4 Well 61.25"���5 Well 76"



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