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Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment in Toronto

Canada Food Equipment Ltd. offers professional cooking equipment in Toronto such as ovens, smokers, burners, stoves, warmers, charbroilers and more. Equip your kitchen with reliable and quality commercial cooking equipment from top brands. Whether you own a restaurant, a food truck, or a concession stand, we have the right equipment for your cooking needs. We also offer used cooking equipment with a warranty. Contact our professionals to learn more!

Bakers Pride Gas Deck Oven

Bakers Pride Gas Deck Oven


BAKERS PRIDE Super Deck D Series gas Deck Ovens are designed for high volume pizza, baking and all-purpose operations. Ovens may be stacked two high. Oven exteriors are all heavy- gauge, type 403 stainless steel and are fully insulated up to 5" (127mm) thick for cooler outer temperatures and consistent interior temperatures


D Series at 125,000 BTUH per deck natural gas or 105,000 BTUH in LP gas (LP gas not CE certified) | 300°-650° F (149°-343°C) throttling thermostat | Top & bottom heat control dampers & micro-slides | Combination gas controls with valve, regulator & safety pilot | Heavy-duty, slide-out flame diverters 10" (254mm) interior deck heights with 1 1/2" (38mm) thick Cordierite hearth decks | All stainless steel exteriors | Aluminized steel interiors Spring balanced, fully insulated doors Left side or rear gas connections | 7-Gauge legs Fully insulated throughout | 1 Year limited part and labor warranty
  • Width
    65 1/4"



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