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Explore innovative new kitchen equipment from the GTA’s leading restaurant supply team at Canada Food Equipment Inc. Featuring some of the industry’s top brands like Amana®, Bakers Pride and True® Refrigeration, we have everything you need to prepare your commercial kitchen for success.

Our cooking equipment is of top-notch quality and is available at extremely affordable rates. We have many years of experience in the food industry. Thus, we are in an excellent position to offer you any guidance you might need regarding equipment selection, maintenance, usage etc.

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Equipment?

If you run a commercial kitchen, you are already aware of the importance of making sure that your food tastes not only great but also looks mouth-watering. Having the right kind of kitchen equipment quickens the pace of your cooking. Simultaneously, it allows you to experiment with several flavours and textures while drastically improving your existing recipes' taste.

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Omcan Wok/Jet Stove

Omcan Wok/Jet Stove


The Omcan SMJ-13 Wok Jet Burner performs an excellent job for restaurants, with its stainless steel exterior and cast iron burner plate proves how durable this wok is. Releasing 125,000 btus youll see why they call it the "jet burner"


Stainless steel body | Heavy duty cast iron top. Inner bowl designed to reduce spill over, | 125,000 BTU Jet burner for high performance cooking. | Single 18 tip non-clogging jet burner. | 13.5" stainless steel legs | Full width drip pan provided for quick clean ups.
  • Width
    135 lbs



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